Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat in Genshin Impact – Know Everything About It

I love playing Eula in Genshin. With her attack speed and burst damage faster than all other Claymore users, she is indeed a great DPS character. She is becoming very famous day by day. The most common term people search for her is "Eula can't resist monster meat". She just loves it! !

Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat 

Eula loves all kinds of monster meat. She can't resist the craving for rich, juicy, tasty meat. Be it dinosaurs or other creatures, Yura can't resist his flesh. In fact, she has a street name of "Carnivore" due to her love of monster meat.

Not everyone will feel that healthy, but Eula doesn't care. She felt that the toxin in the demon meat made it more irritable. For her, there's nothing better than a bite of tenderly grilled meat. For some, eating monsters is both taboo and dangerous. However, for Yura, this is the only way to enjoy life.

Monster Meat Types in Genshin

There is a variety of monster meat in Genshin, and depending on the type of monster, it can also have unique properties or flavors. Some of the most common types of monster meat are:

  1. dragon meat
  2. troll meat
  3. Serpent Meat
  4. Gigabyte Dragon Meat