A Guide To Designing Your Home and Keeping It Warm This Winter

As the nights get colder and darker, we gradually put on more layers of clothing. It is that time to start turning on your heating to keep you warm when the sun sets. 

With the rushing cost of energy and food bills, people are looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your home is prepared for winter. Another way to ensure you are warm is to dress appropriately for the cold weather. 

During winter, we will have the lights on more than usual. We would have the tumble dryer and heating more than usual as well. All of these electrical items add up at the same time. Furthermore, you will want to try and reduce the time that these products are on for. 

In this guide, we will educate you on how you can save money and utility bills. Including how to keep your home warm whilst the outside is colder than usual. 

Winter Duvet and Blankets

One of the first things we advise you to buy is a winter duvet if you do not already own one. Owning only one duvet for the whole year is absurd, especially when it gets this time of year. Moreover, your body will use less energy during the night, so your body will naturally be colder. That is why you must buy yourself a thicker duvet for the winter months. We suggest you buy a tog above ten although if your house is quite cold in winter, you should buy a thirteen-tog duvet.  

Another thing you will want to invest in during the winter months is blankets. Furthermore, you will need these all over your house. It includes your sofa and your bed. You must have a blanket for when the nights get colder. Furthermore, it is a great way to add extra layers to your bed without costing you too much. 

Temperature Regulated Mattress

A temperature-regulated mattress is something that everybody needs in winter but is also a great investment for summer. It is a fantastic mattress that keeps your body warm at night as you are sleeping. 

During winter, many will own a water bottle or electric blanket and use them during the night. Now, we have temperature-regulated mattresses so we no longer need an electric blanket or a hot water bottle. 

These mattresses consist of a gel memory foam that has a fantastic mechanism to keep you warm at night. They also work another way around as well, making them great for the warmer months. These mattresses are a must-have this winter so if you don’t have one already then you need to buy one. 

Window Curtains and Blinds

Window curtains and blinds are another great addition to your home however, it is on the more expensive side. Both blinds and curtains are great for controlling the light but they are also fantastic for extra insulation.

Wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect item for your window to control light and keep the heat in. Not to mention that they look fantastic. Additionally, wood is a great insulator and it helps to keep your room warm. One thing that we would advise is for you to ask the experts on what are the best blinds for keeping your home warm.

There are some rooms that you cannot neglect in the conservatory. During summer, this will be one of the warmest in summer however in winter, it will be one of the coldest. That is why you must have conservatory roof blinds in your conservatory as well. 

Curtains are another great addition to your windows to add a bit more colour to the room. Not to mention that they help keep your rooms warm during the day. 

Time To Get Cautious With Your Central Heating

The central heating bill will be extortionate this month so ensure you are keeping an eye on it. If you have a relatively big home, you will not need all of the radiators on at the same time. Make sure you turn those radiators off in the rooms that you are not in to save money on your energy bills.

This year, we would advise that you install a home system this winter to ensure those radiators are off in the rooms you are not in. You don’t need your heating warming up your whole home whilst you are out. Just make sure that it is turned on to keep the other rooms warm that you will be using when you are back home. 

Designing Your Home for winter

Cold-Proofing Windows

Windows will let out a lot of heat during the winter so ensure they are winter-proof. There are a few ways to find out if your windows are old and weathered. One of the ways to do this would be to use a smoke protection pen and spray it around the outskirts of the window to see if it goes away. If it does, it means you will need new windows this winter. Windows are expensive but in the long run, they are worth every penny. 

Avoid Drying Your Clothes On Your Radiator

Hanging clothes on a radiator will conduct all of the heat from the radiator and therefore, you will not feel the full effect of the heating. Moreover, you want to ensure that there is no furniture in front of them as they will conduct all of the heating as well. 

If you need to dry your clothes this winter and you don’t have a tumble dryer, buy an electrically heated maiden. If you think they are too expensive then buy a dehumidifier for the room where your maidens are to help dry your clothes quicker. 


Following all of these tips will be a great way to save money on your utility bills. Some of them may seem expensive but in the long run, they will be a good investment and save you a lot of money. keep visiting Architecture’s Ideas. We do accept Guest Post on our site, to know more visit our Write for Us Architecture page.

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