Design Tips You Might Like to Steal from Airbnb Hosts

Most of us have heard of Airbnb now, and many of us have stayed in one Airbnb-listed home or, more likely, a number of them. As we can see from researching these types of facilities, many Airbnb hosts know how to make people leave glowing reviews by going the extra mile in the design wherever possible. 

Read on for some tips you might like to steal from Airbnb hosts for your own home or a rental property.

Focus on the Bed and Bed Linen

People who rent their properties on Airbnb know that one of the most critical factors in giving guests a pleasant stay is ensuring they have a comfortable bed to sleep on. They invest in a bed that’s as large as possible for the space (such as Queen or King size), and they don’t let mattresses get too old and to the point where they sag, get lumpy or stained, or otherwise lose their support and quality. 


You can follow suit by updating the mattress in your home sooner rather than later. Purchase the best product you can for your budget and ensure you look for options that suit your particular needs as closely as possible. For instance, search for a mattress that suits your sleeping style (e.g., side, back, or stomach) and preferred firmness level. Plus, you may want to purchase a natural mattress made with fewer chemicals and more likely to be breathable and keep dust mites, mold, mildew, etc., at bay. 

Pay attention to the bed linen you choose for your bedrooms, too. It’s best to pick out soft-to-the-touch sheets that feel nice on your skin and will wear well over time. It’s wise to have two different quilts or blankets, etc., for different times of the year to help you stay comfortable while resting. Don’t forget, either, to upgrade your pillows every year or so. 

Consider Durability and Maintenance

Airbnb hosts typically try to decorate their places with durability and maintenance top of mind. Since so many people stay in properties over time and many won’t necessarily be as careful with furniture and fixtures and fittings, etc., as they may be in their own homes, it’s more common for wear to show more quickly. By choosing durable and easy-to-maintain materials, though, Airbnb hosts can reduce overall costs and keep spaces looking good for longer.

You might think about these principles as you choose items for your home. Before committing to materials and furnishings, consider how durable they might be over the long term and how easily you’ll be able to clean and maintain various pieces. 

Choose a Style and Stick with It 

Another aspect to consider that you can take from Airbnb hosts is the idea of choosing a single design style and sticking with it throughout a home. Picking a decoration option such as farmhouse, modern, bohemian, beachy, etc., should make it simpler to see how to create a consistent look and feel in every room. 

It makes it quicker to decide whether to buy pieces when you look at them in stores, too, since you simply evaluate whether they will suit the chosen design style; if not, you can move on. This will help you save money by not outlaying cash on items you’d just get home and realize don’t work for the space. 

Use Some Bold Colors and Prints

For an Airbnb property to be memorable, it usually needs to have some standout features that attract attention for the right reasons. These could involve having an excellent location, cool pool, or interesting architectural features. Often, though, it comes down to design choices and, more specifically, which colors and prints get selected to bring the space to life.


As you pick out paint, furniture, flooring, and other material hues for your home, look for ways to add at least something bold and interesting to the most important areas of the property. For instance, you might add a feature wall in the bedroom, choose some funky tiles for the kitchen or bathroom, pick out some beautiful wallpaper for an office or lounge room, or select look-at-me prints for art, rugs, chairs, ottomans, and more. 

Looking for other ideas to steal from experienced Airbnb hosts? If so, you could consider decorating with greenery or placing furniture in ways to optimize how spaces can be used. Plus, you might add some pleasant fragrance to your home (e.g., via candles or diffusers) and invest in quality textiles for it. 

Whether you pick up one idea or many from how Airbnb hosts go about decorating and improving their properties, you should find that following their lead helps you create a space that you love even more and enjoy spending time in. keep visiting Architecture’s Ideas. We do accept Guest Post on our site, to know more visit our Write for Us Architecture page.

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