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Hey, are you planning to have ducks in your backyard? If that’s the case you’ll probably need a duck house. You can either buy a duck house from the market or build a new one yourself. The home for a duck is very different to a home for a backyard chicken. Nonetheless, there are some similarities.

Today we will talk about different types of chicken and duck houses and how to make them. This type of house can be difficult to build but budget friendly. You can even use old stuff to remodel a cute little home.

DIY Duck House Ideas for Winter

When starting your duck flock, you probably notice that a duck house can be expensive. However, they are relatively simple to make, so if you want to save money, you should consider this.

Before building a duck house make sure you have already counted the number of ducks you are going to build a house for. If you have two or three dogs a small house will work well. In the case of a group of ducks, you can always go home to the bigger duck.

In this article, we will give you some inspiration for some of the best duck houses we have seen over the last few years. Including how you can make your own DIY duck house.

Repurposing A Doll House

If you once had little ones that spent hours in a doll house but have now outgrown it, you are probably thinking of what you can do with it. Luckily for you, it can make a fantastic duck house for your flock of birds. What is the point in selling it when you can turn it into a little project to be a home for someone? 

Repurposing A Doll House

We recommend that you lower the DIY duck house to ensure it isn’t too high for the ducks to climb. They can be heavy so they will fear they will fall off and hurt themselves. Moreover, the trick to building a DIY duck house is to ensure it is safe for them to live in.

Winter Duck House Design

In this video he is renovating the old three sided grass duck house. With months of planning and the help of friends, they were able to modify the house and make it look like new.

Round Top Duck House

Are you looking to test your DIY skills when building a DIY duck house? If that is the case then we may have found the perfect solution. This duck house may look a little rustic but that round-top roof gives it the modern look that our homes also have. Yes, you are seriously testing your skills with this design but, once you have completed it, there be a lot of satisfaction with the finished product. 

Round Top Duck House

Duck House with Aquarium

In this video, Akash has done a great walk while making this beautiful dark house out of an aquarium. This house can also be used for chickens. It has flowers around the house along a beautiful walk path towards the aquarium.

Mud Duck House with Pond

This duck house is made of 100% natural clay and wood. These two boys have worked very hard to make this beautiful duck house for all the little gals.

The pond makes the house more beautiful and beautiful at the same time. It also pleases all the little ducks.

Cobb Duck House 

A step away from the traditional wooden houses for a duck’s home. The cobb duck house consists of a little more than just DIY skills. You have got to have the capability to use cobb and cement. 

To build a cob house, there are a few things you need to do first. Firstly, if you do not live in a rural area, you will need to check with your local government to see if you can build it. The reason why is that this will be considered an “off-grid” home, which means it is not on the electrical grid. If you explain to your local council that this will be a home for ducks then you should be ok to build it. 

Cobb Duck House 

Another thing you need to do is get plans in place. You will be using a cobb which needs solid foundations to be built on. That means you need to flatten the area where you plan on building and ensure it is safe.

Asian Duck House for The Winter

Take a look at this Asian girl building a duck house for winter. It is very important for ducks to make the house warm and weatherproof in winter. The house is near the river so the ducks can enjoy the surroundings. It is a large house that can provide shelter to many ducks.

6 x 8 Duck Hotel

This fantastic home makes it look like your ducks are living the high life. It is excellent if you wish to take an ordinary duck home and give it some character. This awesome duck hotel has plenty of space for your ducks and has the perfect height for them to come in and out of. 

6 x 8 Duck Hotel

Duck House with Deck and Pool

In this video, you will learn how to build a perfect duck house with a deck and pool. It’s going to be a tough job. There is a lot of space inside this house which you can see from the back door.

Duck House and a Pool / Floating Duck House

If you want to ensure your flock of ducks is living a luxurious lifestyle, we suggest you build this duck house for them. The hardest part of this fantastic DIY duck home is the pond, so you need to ensure your garden is big enough before you start digging large holes in the garden. 

Duck House and a Pool / Floating Duck House

The hard part of this duck home is the pond but only if you keep the actual duck-house simple. We advise you to build the ducks an A-Frame duck house for this setup as it makes your life much easier. Additionally, you can get someone around that has experience in building back garden ponds.

A Frame Duck House

For a more simplistic design, the A-Frame duck is for those that don’t have the greatest DIY skills. Furthermore, this is not the prettiest on the list however, it isn’t time-consuming when you are erecting it. Additionally, this simplistic design does the job and allows you to have two entrances. The final point to make about the A-Frame duck house is that the size of it all depends on you. Watch this old man build a duck house for six ducks that he bought for his grandchildren. After a lot of hard work, Grandpa has named the duck’s house. Although it looks so cute..


How To Build A Duck House?

Let’s be honest, a flock of ducks do not need anything fancy for their home. Learning how to make a duck a house will be simple if you have basic DIY skills such as how to hold a saw and use a hammer with some nails. For starters, ducks need a minimum of 10 square feet although we suggest you aim for around 20 square feet per duck so they have room to roam around. You also need to consider the size of the door and make sure it is big enough so they think they can fit through. Depending on the largest duck, we advise you to aim for a 14 inches tall and wide door for your ducks.

What Is The Best Bedding For Ducks?

Once you have built your DIY duck house, it is time to get the materials together to build the beds for the ducks. For the duck’s bed, we suggest you use straw bedding as they need insulation for when they are sleeping. Furthermore, it does not produce much dust and it composts easily. If you do not own any straws then don’t worry. You can use large flake wood shavings or even pine needles.

Do Ducks Require Shelter At Night?

Ducks require shelter at night to keep them protected from predators at night. They also require shelter at night to keep them dry but also need shade if it is too hot for them in the summer. One thing that you must be aware of with your ducks is that you will need to put them back in their little homes at night or else they will roam freely throughout the night.

How Often Do You Feed Ducks?

Ducks are surprisingly high maintenance and they need feeding twice a day. Once in the morning and then once at night. Furthermore, you need to ensure they have a healthy diet. Ensure their diet consists of the vitamins and minerals they require to stay healthy. Despite being high maintenance, ducks do not require a lot of food so you don’t need to worry about putting out too little food.

Final Words

There are a few things you need to consider for your flock of ducks. One of them is the small water area you will have for them. You must ensure it is protected so predators can not get in, including in harsh weather conditions.  So, these were some of the best duck house ideas that you can make in your backyard. Keep visiting Architecture’s Ideas for more updates. 

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