Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat in Genshin Impact – Know Everything About It

I love playing Eula in Genshin. She has faster attack speed with a great burst damage than all the other claymore users, she is a great DPS character indeed. She is becoming very famous day by day. The most common term people search for her is “Eula can’t resist monster meat”. She just loves it so much!!

Eula Can’t Resist Monster Meat

Eula loves all types of monster flesh. She can’t help the crave for the rich and juicy flavorful meat. Whether it’s a dinosaur or some other creature, Eula just can’t resist its meat. In fact, she has a street name for her love of monster flesh named “The Carnivore.”

Not every person would find this healthy, But Eula doesn’t care. She feels like the toxins in monster meat are what make it so more testy. For her, nothing feels better than having a bite of a tender piece of meat that’s been roasted. For some, eating monsters is taboo and dangerous as well. However, for Eula, it is the only way to enjoy life. 

Types of Monster Meat in Genshin

There are a variety of monster meat in Genshin, and depending on the type of monster, it could have unique properties or flavours too. Some of the most common monster meat include:

  • Meat of Dragon 
  • Meat of Troll 
  • Meat of Giant snake 
  • Meat of Giganotosaurus 

Where to Find Monster Meat

Are you having difficulties in finding monster meat? Don’t worry! Here are a few tips on how to find monster meat in Genshin. 

Make sure that you know where to look and for that you have to do a lot of research over youtube. Most hunting grounds are located in remote areas where there are a large number of creatures roaming.Raw meat is a common item in Genshin Impact and can be found in a variety of locations. Here are some of the best places to look for raw meat:

Drops from Enemies 

Whenever you kill an enemy you get a drop It could be meat or any item. There is no guarantee of meat. This would be the most easiest way to get the meat. But it’s time taking too..


Whenever you find a chest, there are high chances of getting meats as a reward and many more things with that. So you should check every single just chest on your way.

Buying from Vendors

The most easiest way if you have lot of money. You can simply buy meats from the vendors. However this would be the most expensive way to get the meats.

Eula Can't Resist Monster Meat Genshin Impact



All Genshin players should use the claymore if they are F2P. She is pretty F2P friendly in the game as she does not require 5 star weapon for dealing high damage.

Is EULA the strongest champion in Genshin?

By adding boost to her physical damage from Pale flame artefact set. And by enhancing all ornaments she can become the strongest DPS character in the game.

Is EULA beginner friendly character in the game?

No, she is not a newbie friendly banner in Genshin.

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