How Old is Luigi? Know The Real Age of Luigi from Mario

Ever thought about the age of Luigi? wondered how old is Luigi? if you looking for these questions then you are headed to the right way. Today we will discuss about the age of Luigi from Mario.

How Old is Luigi?

As everybody knows that Luigi was originally known as Mario’s brother. He is also a second playable character in super Mario brothers. as the time went by Luigi became famous character from Mario. Many young Nitendo gaming players knows Luigi as a main character from Luigi’s mansion.
as Luigi’s audience and followers are growing players want to know about the background of the Italian man Luigi. According to the Nitendos official canon, the fraternal twins are between 24 to 25 years old. You would be thinking how is this possible, right? aren’t there like 40 or 50 years old from now?
The fact is Mario and Luigi’s age was confirmed from Nintendo interview with Mayamoto. The creator of the game Mayamoto itself didn’t want to put any restriction to the age of Mario and his brother Luigi.

How Old is Luigi and Yoshi


How old is Luigi from Mario

Luigi is Mario’s younger twin brother. However, this thing has not been officially announced or declared by anyone.

Is Mario and Luigi twins?

Luigi is Mario’s younger twin brother. Luigi is a secondary player that can be played in super Mario brothers.

Who is Luigi’s girlfriend?

Princess Daisy is one of the main character in super Mario brothers. Luigi has fallen for Daisy.

Who is Luigi’s daughter?

Laura Lian Mario is the daughter of Luigi and Daisy.

does Luigi have crush on princess Daisy?

Yes, Waluigi and Luigi both crush on Daisy.

What is Luigi’s favourite food?

Luigi love spaghetti as he is from Italy. It was first developed in super Mario Bros show.

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