How Old is Mario Character – The Real Age of Super Mario

The Mario game is the oldest and most played game ever. People often wonder about Mario’s age and ask how old is Mario character. Today we will learn about the era of the Mario character.

As a child, Mario was one of the seven star kids destined for character greatness. Mario grew up with his brother Luigi in the new town of Dong. Later on this side in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario works as a plumber and he also helps save Princess Peach from being kidnapped. Mario wins all the time. Thanks for Bowser’s weapons.

How Old is Mario Character

But the question is, how old is the Mario character? According to the game’s founder, Mario’s age is only between 24 and 26 years old. Nintendo claims Mario is 26 years old now. Although the game was launched in 1985, Mario is still young. Each Mario character in each of the game’s franchises can be a different age.

I think all the characters in the video are immortal. Mario is the older brother of Luigi we all know. This Mario Bros franchise is set in a place called Mushroom Kingdom.

how old is mario character


How old is Baby Mario?

There are many versions of Mario. Have you ever thought about baby Mario? Wonder how old he will be?
Baby Mario appeared in Yoshi’s Island with Baby Luigi as the main character. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how old Baby Mario and Baby Luigi will be at that time.

How old is Princess Peach from Mario?

This is the most common question asked by Mario fans. Princess Peach was about 15 years old when she first appeared in Super Mario Bros. But she looks huge in today’s sports world. So we can say that she is about 20 years old.

Which is the best Mario Bros video game ever?

1. Mario Mario
2. Luigi Mario
3. King Koopa
4. King Bowser
5. Princess Daisy
6. Iggy
7. Spike
8. Lena

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