How Old is Mario? Know The Real Age of Super Mario Character

The most popular game Super Mario is still my favourite game of all time. Sometimes it can seem like Mario is always with us. In fact I even dreamed of Mario. But some of us don’t know about Mario’s actual age. So today we will answer your question “How old is Mario?”

There are more than two franchises where Mario appears. And that’s where people get confused because each franchise has a different Mario with a different age. It’s easy to figure out the age when it comes to the Super Mario franchise. But Mario was also seen in the Super Mario universe and the grand Nintendo chronology. That’s why every franchise has a different Mario age.

How Old is Mario

Shigeru says that Mario is just 24-25 years old.

is it true? Let’s find out. In an interview with Mr. Shigeru on the Nintendo website in 2005, he stated that Nintendo had not actually placed any restrictions on Mario as a character. Except for the fact that Mario is about 24 – 25 years old now.

I know everyone will be surprised to know this. And no one will believe it because Mario certainly doesn’t look so young.

There are some explanations to make this more clear. The thing is, Mario’s Age doesn’t really matter to Nintendo and Nintendo hasn’t put too much thought into it.

How old is mario

One can argue about Mario’s age since Mayamoto’s statement. This is because my motto made a statement at the time of Super Mario’s 20th anniversary. So Mario will be more developed then.

After playing Mario for so many years I have realised that Mario is immortal. Is there something to note that Mario’s age is measured by his abilities.

Mario’s Actors are Between 40 and 60 Years Old

Can you imagine the ages of the people who did Mario’s voiceover? You might think that the old man would be at least under 30. But the reality is that their age is between 40 and 60 years.

1. Captain Lou Albona – The Super Mario Bros Show – 56 Years Old

2. Bob Hawkins – Super Mario Bros Movie – 51 Years Old

3. Peter Cullen – Saturday Supercade – 42 Years

4. Charles Martinet – When Super Mario 64 Released – 41 Years Old

When is Mario’s birthday?

Yes, there is another question that everyone wants to get answered. There are three possibilities in this question..
1. The first popular theory says that Mario’s birthday is on March 10th. As it was the concept when Mario DSi was created by fans who wanted to celebrate Mario.
2. Another interesting theory says that Mario’s birthday may have been on September 13th. When Super Mario Bros. was launched in Japan.
3. Finally the strong theory or official answer that says Mario’s date of birth is October 11th. That was the official day Nintendo listed Mario’s birthday.

Is Mario really older than Luigi?

Luigi is described in the game as Mario’s younger brother. However Super Mario World 2 reveals that these two are twins of the same age. This raised many questions about Mario’s age.

How tall is Mario?

There are many platforms and different heights. This article will give you details and some interesting facts about Mario Height.
Super Mario Bros: 1.5 cm
Super Mario Bros: 3 1.875 cm
New Super Mario Bros: 2 cm
Super Mario 64: 3.3 cm
Super Mario Galaxy: 2 cm
New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 1.75 cm
Super Mario 3D Land: 1.5 cm
Super Mario 3D World: 1.25 cm

How old is mario

So how Old is Mario Really?

Well, I’m not going to argue with Mario’s age. As we’ve talked about, every theory has a different age for Mario. Some say that Mario is 24 to 25 years old, then someone else says.

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