How Old is Sayu Genshin Impact – Know Everything About Sayu

Genshin impacts many different types of characters with different and unique sets of abilities. So today we will talk about one famous character, the Genshin impact Sayu. Today we will answer your question about how old is sayu Genshin

Sayu was first introduced during the tapestry of golden flames banners. Sayu is best suited as a support character. She has elemental burst abilities that can damage the enemy and heal the allies as well. 

Just because of her cute backstory she is becoming more famous day by day. Another reason is sayu is voiced by one of the most popular twitch streamer Lily “Lilypichu“. Sayu is known for her laziness. She always try to find ways to sleep more so that she can grow taller.

How old is Sayu Genshin Impact?

According to miHoYo, Sayu was born on 19th of October. However her birth year was never revealed with her height. 

She’s tired of her short age, in one of her voice lines she says.. “When is my growth spurt gonna come? Everyone my age is practically twice my height, and I am still…. Ughhhhh, enough, I need sleeeeep, sleep is the answer. Goodnight!!”

Some says, Sayu is still a kid and one of the most youngest playable character in Genshin I Impact. Hence it is expected that Sayu’s age should be close to Barbara and Razor which is 16 to 17 years.


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Is Sayu a kid?

Sayu is special character in genshin impact. She has been grown in the shuumatsuban from her childhood. Moreover she is very loyal to her community.

Is Sayu a girl or boy?

Sayu is a short height girl who loves to sleep all the time. However she is the cutest and youngest playable character in genshin impact.

Why is Sayu short?

Sayu is an Anemon character in genshin impact. She is a Ninja who is struggling with growing tall. She believes that sleeping can help her to grow taller.

Why did Sayu run away?

Sayu ran away because of her conflicts with mother. She thought that she cannot talk to her mother about her problems. 

Is Sayu a good Healer?

Healing is the main ability of Sayu. She heals all the nearby allies with her elemental burst. However her healing output is not high compared to other four star healers. 

Is Sayu a 5 star?

Sayu is not a five star character. In fact she is the fourth star character.

Is Sayu in love with Yoshida?

There is no accurate answer for this question. People say that so you still has a lot of healing to do in regard to her relationship with her family before she can commit to any person. Yoshida might be a good person and supporter in her life but at the end Sayu needs her family support first.

how old is sayu genshin impact

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