How Tall is Mario: The Complete Super Mario Encyclopedia

Mario was born as one of the seven Star Children. Mario was born in New Donk City, where he grew up with his brother Luigi. He eventually settled in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is a plumber but barely knows how to do plumbing. His job is to save Princess Peach from Bowser, his arch-nemesis. Mario can outsmart Bowser almost in all situations. Mario won the fight thanks to Bowser’s weapons, and the surrounding environment.

Mario, the beloved fictional gaming character is still with us today. Shigeru Miyamoto was a Japanese game designer who created Mario. Mario’s height is an inconsistency in many Super Mario Games. This raises the question: “How tall is Mario?”

During the 1981 development and release Donkey Kong (1981), Shigeru created Mario. This was done to create a game that is very popular for Nintendo (a Japanese videogame manufacturer). The Mario sequels have shown how innovative new designs can enhance the gaming experience.

Mario’s hairstyle, mustache, and other fixed features are the same. Only his height has changed. Reddit says Mario is 5’1″ or 155cm tall. Mario’s merchandise however lists his height at less than 5 feet. Mario’s height can vary from one platform to another.

Are you still not sure about Mario’s height. There are many platforms and different heights. This article will give you details and some interesting facts about Mario. Continue scrolling!

How Tall is Mario

How Tall is Mario

Mario Height in All Games

Super Mario Bros: 1.5 cm

Super Mario Bros: 3 1.875 cm

New Super Mario Bros: 2 cm

Super Mario 64: 3.3 cm

Super Mario Galaxy: 2 cm

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 1.75 cm

Super Mario 3D Land: 1.5 cm

Super Mario 3D World: 1.25 cm

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Each Mario series attracts the attention of its audience and draws them towards it. Then they look for something unique about Mario that makes them a fan. It was a long sentence. Dear Mario fans! I’m here to share ten facts.

  1. Mario was a player character in 1981 when he first appeared on Donkey Kong’s gaming platform.
  2. Miyamoto wanted Popeye as the main character of his games. However, he couldn’t obtain the licensing rights. He created Mario instead.
  3. Since 1992, Charles Martinet has voiced Mario. It all began with Mario’s Games Gallery. Then it evolved into Super Mario 64.
  4. Mario was also known as Jumpman during the United States’ release Donkey Kong.
  5. Mario was the first video game character to receive a statue at Hollywood’s Wax Museum.
  6. Mario was used as a reference by Mario by many famous musicians like Eminem, Ludacris, an
  7. In 2022, Chris Pratt will voice Mario in the adaptations of his movie.
  8. Mario made his debut in media other than gaming with Saturday Supercade (anime TV Series).
  9. Chris Pratt portrays the role of Mario in Super Mario Bros.
  10. Super Mario Bros is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most highly-respected video game franchise.
How Tall is Mario

Last Words

Dear Mario Fans, I think this ride, where Mario was discussed from head to toe with you, may have impressed you more than anything. Perhaps you are interested in “How tall is Mario?” etc. These problems can be solved. Now it’s your turn to tell Mario what is most important to you in the comments section.  

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