Kids Bathroom Ideas, Joyful Patterns, Colorful Decors, and More!

Looking to give your child’s bathroom a colourful twist? There are plenty of kids bathroom ideas that your child will love the space while keeping them safe too. From sophisticated, timeless style to bright and playful, you’ll find ideas to suit children growing up in all styles of home.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

A truly child-friendly bathing space should be cute, but practical, and the best kids bathroom layouts allow plenty of room for more than one tot or teen to manoeuvre. Here are some of the joyful patterns and colourful décor ideas that can make your kid’s bathroom fun and safe.

Go for Low-Stress Paint

If you are choosing to paint your bathroom walls, the basic idea is to have a moisture-resistant paint. However, a kid’s bathroom can be a cesspool of spills, stains, and whatnot. Therefore, it is ideal to use easily washable paints that can be cleaned without ruining the finish. 

Go for Low-Stress Paint

Choose A Perfect Theme

When it comes to decorating any kids’ space, choosing a particular theme really helps. In that way, kids easily associate the space as theirs and make them feel secure and their own. Whether they like a Disney theme, cars, galaxies or even animals, look out for things that excite and indulge your kids and choose the same for the kid’s bathroom.

Choose A Perfect Theme

To be more in line with the space, you can create waves on the wall or can go for some beautiful oceanic creatures drawn on the wall. It can also become an educational and interactive time for your kid.

Décor Tips

Some of the décor tips that will help make a joyful space for your kid’s bathroom are as below:

  • Add some cartoonish characters that your kid likes. This can be done by adding designs and decals either on the walls, cabinets, towels.
  • Choose bright colours for the bathroom.
  • Hang funny quotes or hang framed art.
  • Display your child’s favourite toys around the area to make it a happy environment.

Bathroom Accessories

You can make even the bathroom a fun and interactive space for your kids as some kids dread bath times. You can place their favourite toys or bath accessories to make them feel comfortable and safe in the area. 

Bathroom Accessories

Tips for Safety In The Bathrooms

Below are some of the best baby shower Safety tips that you can use.

1. Durable and Less Maintenance Of Bathroom

Tiles are a great choice for durable and less maintenance flooring and even wall tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, germ-free, forever and vitrified tiles are some of the most popular ones. Especially when it comes to kids, the flooring and walls need to be more safe and secure than aesthetically appealing. Moisture-resistant and anti-skid bathroom tiles are a must as there is constant exposure to moisture and water so there are higher chances of slipping and falling.

2. Ceramic Tiles To Protect From Dents and Scratches

Ceramic tiles are one of the strongest and long-lasting tiles in the market. Bathrooms can be a risky area and there are times when the flooring or the walls can be subjected to falls, cracks, and other things that can create a dent or scratch on the tiles. Therefore, application of ceramic tiles then comes into the picture and can help you understand how and where to install them.

kids bathroom Safety

3. Avoid Sharp Edges and Corners

Since kids are quite unpredictable and it is difficult to contain their next move every single time, it is easier to create a safe environment around them. Similarly, ensure that you make the bathroom a child-safe and friendly space by avoiding sharp edges and corners that can be a greater risk for the child.

There are several mistakes that should be avoided while designing a bathroom for kids. They are:

Wallpaper Vs Tiles In The Bathroom

Wall tiles are quite safe, especially when it comes to the safety of the little ones. They are easy to clean, maintain and will not attract any moisture-induced infestation that could be harmful to the kids. For floors, of course, you need strong anti-skid bathroom tiles that don’t chip and crack easily.

kids bathroom Tiles

Choosing wall tiles over wallpaper is a better idea if you want to eliminate chances of mold growing in areas where they are exposed to water almost most of the time like the bathrooms.

Placing Sanitaryware Too High To Be Reached By Children

Sanitaryware that is used most frequently like the wash basin, cabinets, the height of the bathtub, commode and even the towel rail needs to be accessible to the kids and should not be planned as per an adult’s bathroom. This will make things easier for them when they are using the bathroom.

kids bathroom Placing Sanitaryware Too High

Keep the sanitaryware accessible and ensure they are kid-safe. If it is not possible to lower the towel rail or wash basin, invest in a sturdy stool that the child can use to access the facilities without constantly requiring adult help.

Installing Marble Floor Instead Of Non-Slip Flooring Options

Marble floors, when polished, can become dangerously slippery – especially when they come in contact with water. This can be a very dangerous mistake for a kid’s bathroom. Instead, get anti-skid or non-slip tiles installed to avoid any kind of mishaps and falls.

kids bathroom with Marble Floor

A kid’s bathroom is a joyful place where your child will slowly explore independence.  It is best to create a safe and friendly environment so that they are at ease while using the space. Make the space as close to their liking as possible and make it familiar so that they do not hesitate to use it.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

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