Lucid Dreaming Apps and Journals

There are various Lucid dreaming apps and journals available on the market. Some of them help you regulate your dreams by reminding you to study your environment and conduct reality checks. Others are designed to help you analyze your dreams visually, while others offer voice recording. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a great app to help you with your dreams.


There are a variety of apps and journals available for lucid dreaming. Oniri is one such app, which lets you keep track of your dreams while you sleep, as well as analyze them. It also has features to help you learn about lucid dreaming and practice it. The app includes a dream journal, morning and evening reminders, as well as a wiki that helps you understand and develop lucid dreaming techniques.

Penzu is a free digital journal that lets you write your dreams anywhere. It allows you to save your dreams with a password and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Another helpful feature is its dream dictionary, which analyzes them and allows you to search for keywords.

Steps to Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming isn’t impossible, but it does take a lot of practice. There are specific dangers and risks of lucid dreaming, which you should be aware of. Fortunately, these risks are completely avoidable if you learn about the art of lucid dreaming the right way.

The first step is identifying your dream. The next step involves trying to control your dream. There are a variety of tools to help you do this. There are apps available for both Mac and PC that can help you keep track of your dreams. Some apps even include journaling features.

Another helpful tool for lucid dreaming is role-playing video games. These games can improve your spatial awareness and focus, which are important for lucid dreaming.

Freud app

Freud is a dream journal app that analyzes your dreams and detects unconscious motifs and sentiments. This app is named after the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who believed that dreams represent our unconscious thoughts. It allows you to write down your dream and select the types of emotions you want to associate with it, and then the app will analyze what it means. However, this app is not a conventional dream interpreter; instead, it asks you to record emotions, keywords, and hidden themes that you want to analyze.

While there are free versions available for both Android and iOS, the premium version offers more advanced features, including a reality checker, journal, and audio cues. This app also supports multiple languages and has a PIN-protected interface.


Awoken is an app that makes it easy to record and store your dreams. The app is designed to make dream recognition easy, and it also provides reality check reminders to help you correlate your environment with your dreams. It also features a cloud-based backup for all your dreams.

Awoken works on Android and includes features such as visual dream analysis and reality checking. It also has a dream wall, which lets you share your dreams with other users. There are few flaws with the app, but the developers are working on adding more features and enhancing the experience.

Lucid Dreaming Apps and Journals

Awoken is one of the most popular lucid dreaming apps available on the market. The app works by sending you random notifications to ask if you are dreaming, and it plays totem sounds to help you identify whether you are dreaming. It also asks you to jot down your dreams when you wake up. The app also offers an optional cloud account, so you can store all your dream journals.

MILD Trainer

MILD Trainer is an app that will help you achieve the benefits of lucid dreaming. It provides a daily target list for you to notice and record. Initially, the targets are simple but they get more challenging over time. The app will also teach you mindfulness and introduce the MILD technique. It also helps you track your progress, which is an added benefit.

It incorporates both traditional and new techniques to induce lucid dreams. This includes REM detection, tACS, light/audio stimulation, and cognitive exercises. It also allows you to keep a journal of your dreams. keep visiting Architecture’s Ideas. We do accept Guest Post on our site, to know more visit our Write for Us Architecture page.

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